La Piscine

The Principle

This salt pool uses electrolysis, a physico-chemical principle that allows natural and biological disinfection.
Electrolysis takes place in a cell made of titanium plates polarized by a low-voltage current.
From slightly salty water - 4g/litre - the electrolyser automatically produces a disinfectant. The passage of salt water through the cell effectively destroys bacteria, chlora mines and algae without residues or pollution.
You can enjoy a perfectly disinfected swimming pool, in complete serenity and in the greatest comfort. With electrolysis you opt for:
Peacefulness and simplicity
You can leave without fear of finding water that has turned
Your pool is automatically treated, and maintenance is reduced to a minimum
Setting up the device is simple.
Safety and security
You do not have any chemical disinfectant to handle, store or buy
Health and well-being
You bathe in clear and healthy water
You benefit from the therapeutic benefits of salt water
You forget the irritated eyes, the dry skin and the smell of chlorine.
Pool measurements: 10 meters (longest) of 5 meters (at the widest point) depth of 1.30 m